Amplifon S.p.A./Ripamonti

Ph: Leo Torri Amplifon S.p.A. Ripamonti workplace The redevelopment project for Amplifon Headquarters in Via Ripamonti, in Milan, began in 2016, with the original aim of designing a pilot office space for the company. The project was then extended to the entire building and completed in 2021. The work involved the building’s exterior too, affecting […]

Comune di Pietrasanta/ Museo dei bozzetti

Comune di Pietrasanta Museo dei bozzetti museum The feasibility study has had the main objective of verifying the potential for enhancement complex of S. Agostino together with the annexed buildings, through a forecast of use with integrated functions, exhibition, study, service to citizenship and aggregation that returns a homogeneous order between the activities planned, in […]

WPP/ Campus Milano

Ph: Andrea Martiradonna WPP WPP Campus Milano workplace The site is part of an existing complex of light industrial and commercial buildings and occupies the historic site of a well-known ceramics producer – Società Ceramica Richard Ginori. Between 1996 and 1998 buildings to the north east of the complex were refurbished whilst the remains of […]

Petronas/ New R&T Center

Ph: Andrea Martiradonna Petronas New R&T Center workplace Petronas is an international oil company operating in the lubricants sector. Recently the group has decided to expand and put together their research activities into a new building. The new complex is located in a plot of land of 80.000 smq, in the municipality of santena by […]

WPP/ Campus Roma

WPP Campus Roma workplace The building is located in Rome, the external facades have been restored with conservative attention, through the reconstruction of the plasters, with colors and materials inspired by the original historical state. The visitor is welcomed in the entrance courtyard, where the original cobblestone flooring has been restored, which leads him into […]

Fondo Immobiliare/ Watt gardens

Fondo Immobiliare Watt’s gardens residential Watt’s gardens are located in the heart of the historical area of the Navigli district, a few steps from the Alzaia Naviglio Grande. The position of the site favors a project that “communicates” with the atmospheres of the most iconic Milan. A building curtain on the street, in stone, hides […]

Milanofiori/ Office Building

Milanofiori Office Buildings beauty contest Within the tertiary context of Milanofiori Nord, the building is collocated in the free area located north of the main raised square. The building, spread over 6 levels and 2 levels of covered parking, has the main entrance towards the square, to which it is connected through a walkway, and […]

Milanofiori/ Retail Park Refurbishment

Milanofiori Retail Park beauty contest This is an intervention that respects the commercial memory of the retail park area, now devoted to the contemporaneity of several functions that coexist and merge near the Milanofiori Nord central square (commercial, tertiary, co-working). The project has planned to distribute in a different way the building area freeing and […]

Teocrito/ Student residence​

Teocrito Student residence residential The proposed project, inserted in a renewal area in the north of Milan near the road axis of viale Monza, wants to give a recognizable architectural reference in a highly inhomogeneous area, proposing a building composed of two intersecting volumes, characterized by the mix of slat and tower building types. The […]

Milanofiori/ Pedestrian Bridge

Milanofiori Pedestrian Bridge beauty contest Not only a connection between two levels, but an urban insertion that represents the urban connection of the entire area, respecting the existing architecture and landscape. This is how the new architectural element that will be installed behind the retail park has been conceived, connecting the commercial and residential area with […]