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Amplifon S.p.A.



The redevelopment project for Amplifon Headquarters in Via Ripamonti, in Milan, began in 2016, with the original aim of designing a pilot office space for the company. The project was then extended to the entire building and completed in 2021. The work involved the building’s exterior too, affecting its relationship with the urban context, which was also undergoing a profound transformation.

The design developed by 967arch changed the way employees work, from a 1990s model of workstations in enclosed offices to an open-plan approach with operational areas backed up by support facilities like meeting rooms, phone booths, copy zones, training spaces and informal meeting, break and kitchenette areas.

The final stage of the redevelopment project involved the building’s exterior: the facades and courtyards. The curtain wall system was maintained and an additional outer skin applied, covering the black sheet metal squares with new composite material panels that have a metallic finish. The random arrangement of the new panels breaks the rigid pre-existing modularity and creates a fragmented, dynamic graphic design reminiscent of the oscillations of a sound wave, pointing up the identity of this leading player in the hearing aid industry.

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Milan, 2022