Retail Park

beauty contest

This is an intervention that respects the commercial memory of the retail park area, now devoted to the contemporaneity of several functions that coexist and merge near the Milanofiori Nord central square (commercial, tertiary, co-working).

The project has planned to distribute in a different way the building area freeing and emptying portions of the current building.

Through this process of subtraction and the introduction of an additional level on the upper floor, resulting in an increase of natural light and the internal well-being of the working spaces.

The internal volumes, in areas also double height, characterise the “industrial” atmosphere and blend with the green areas of the courtyards, places of interaction that complement the office spaces.

The iconic preservation of the external image, upgraded with the total replacement of the external shell, is guaranteed thanks to an elegant use of durable and sustainable materials, such as glass and aluminium, used in a harmonious and technological way located a restaurant, wine bar and belvedere on the city.


Assago, 2019