Office Buildings

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Within the tertiary context of Milanofiori Nord, the building is collocated in the free area located north of the main raised square.

The building, spread over 6 levels and 2 levels of covered parking, has the main entrance towards the square, to which it is connected through a walkway, and is characterized by a floor of common functions (cafeteria, auditorium, training rooms), and 5 floors of office space.

On the entrance floor the difference in height between the raised square and the ground on which the building is inserted has offered the opportunity to obtain terraces, near which informal meeting rooms have been placed.

The composition of the façade is a direct consequence of the orientation with which the building has been placed: a modular façade with mullions and transoms that characterizes the north and west elevations and the addition of a shield of curved perforated sheets for the south-eastern elevations.

The opening of loggias, moreover, besides breaking the regularity of the façade by creating windows on the surrounding context, offer the possibility to obtain on the typical floor green spaces directly accessible from the offices.


Assago, 2020