Student residence


The proposed project, inserted in a renewal area in the north of Milan near the road axis of viale Monza, wants to give a recognizable architectural reference in a highly inhomogeneous area, proposing a building composed of two intersecting volumes, characterized by the mix of slat and tower building types.

The volumes and the heights are designed to ensure a control of shading towards the adjacent buildings and taking up stylistic features and references of a typical milanese architecture, re-proposed in a new way in a building for students.

The project dialogues with the context and is characterized by the vibrant use of ceramic material and the reflections of light that illuminate in the various orientations as the hours of the day change. Each front defines its own specificity and tells the project in different ways.

The building is structured in a low body, designed to give continuity to the curtain road to protect the high tower body behind and inserted in the green. The main access is from the low body, south oriented, which leads to the entrance hall, a large glass space that distributes to the multifunctional rooms and projects towards the inner garden, which can also be used by the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

In the upper body, facing west and east, and on the upper floors of the lower body, are located the students’ rooms with large windows overlooking the garden and the city, in a very quiet and peaceful context.

Inside the complex there are areas intended for co-working for start-ups, aimed at offering a mix of supplementary activities to students and young graduates who will have meeting spaces designed to facilitate working and professional relationships.

The aim of the project was to provide a complex always alive and active, both in content and in the architectural proposal. A landmark orienting, attractive and bright, identifiable with the presence of young and dynamic students, to bring a sign of liveliness and contribute to the virtuous redevelopment of the local urban environment.

feasability check

Milan, 2019