Comune di Pietrasanta

Museo dei bozzetti


The feasibility study has had the main objective of verifying the potential for enhancement complex of S. Agostino together with the annexed buildings, through a forecast of use with integrated functions, exhibition, study, service to citizenship and aggregation that returns a homogeneous order between the activities planned, in a logic of easy orientation and independent use.

The study foresees an intervention of reconnection in the connection areas, passages and courtyards, interventions of conservative restoration, building renovation and restoration of the annexed buildings and the realization of an extension in the central body of the current school complex, respecting the limits given by the indications of the superintendence and the peculiar characters of the local architectural typologies.

The new volume is characterized by an orderly architecture, legible and dialoguing between interior and exterior, but fully harmonized with the historical parts. a transparent and light volume, iconically linked to the architecture of the local stores, which at sunset becomes a real luminous lantern, making the museum complex iconic even from the hill overlooking the city center.

A project that follows in all its philosophy the principle of minimum intervention but aimed at the search for harmonization of the current inhomogeneities, with an eye to the future.

architectural building

Pietrasanta, ongoing