Ferrero/ Innovation Centre

Ferrero Innovation Centre beauty contest The Ferrero engineering hangar is a building designed to link iconically different functions, the mechanical workshop and the ferrero design offices. Its location, being in a purely industrial area, has led to a typological choice of strong visual impact.   Every architectural choice was carried out by crossing the threshold […]

Stephenson/ Facade study

Stephenson Facade study building design The aim of the project was to propose an arrangement of the facades aimed at aesthetic redevelopment and a technical economic verification for an energy requalification, compare to the original construction dating back to 1984. Therefore the project’s objective was to propose a contemporaty interpretation of the building respectfully considering […]

Gaia Property Dev. LLC/ Service Apartments

Gaia Property Development LLC Service Apartments residential The project area is located in the south part of Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia, in Bocd Khan Uul district, within a national park adjacent to river tuul. Project Gaia involves the construction of a residential complex defined as service apartments, containing flats of various sizes connected with several […]