Pedestrian Bridge

beauty contest

Not only a connection between two levels, but an urban insertion that represents the urban connection of the entire area, respecting the existing architecture and landscape. This is how the new architectural element that will be installed behind the retail park has been conceived, connecting the commercial and residential area with the main square. At the base of the project there is the desire to fit into the surrounding context, heterogeneous and diverse, without creating fractures, but respecting existing materials and geometry and enhancing them, creating new points of view on the surrounding area. For those coming from the elevated square, the continuation of the plate leads to the pedestrian bridge, centrally located between the two buildings overlooking the retail park, creating a central optical cone on the surrounding area. once crossed the pedestrian bridge, a 5-flight staircase and an elevator allow to descend to the street level and enter directly on the existing sidewalk.

The regular geometry and the clean lines of the new architectural volume, together with the choice of materials, translate the intention to fit into the context in perfect chromatic and volumetric harmony. The fully glazed elevator and the covered stairs guarantee an absolute visual permeability. The vertical covering in corrugated sheet metal of the main block and of the connecting bridge and the stone-effect porcelain stoneware of the floors contribute to maintain continuity with the existing colors and materiality.

An exception is the covering of the intrados of the pedestrian bridge: a game of broken lines covered with a completely reflecting sheet metal that, if from a purely compositional point of view helps to streamline the structural part, in the general perception emphasizes and amplifies even more the context, emphasizing the fact that the new insertion has the purpose of enhancing, functionally and architecturally, the area in which it is inserted.


Assago, 2020