Gaia Property Development LLC

Service Apartments


The project area is located in the south part of Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia, in Bocd Khan Uul district, within a national park adjacent to river tuul.

Project Gaia involves the construction of a residential complex defined as service apartments, containing flats of various sizes connected with several public and private facilities. The long and narrow shape of the site with its geographical location (unfavorable orientation to sun and winds, extreme climatic conditions, etc.) have been key factors in the development of the plan volumetric layout, also in relationship with the high surface required by the project’s brief.

The concept evolution has led to a tower that could be a landmark for the city as new and international architecture, but also respectful to the area and its pre-existing buildings. The vertical development has been determined as well as for aesthetic reasons also by intrinsic motivation that came from territory; the lack of sunlight throughout the year led to a building that could capture the maximum of solar radiation and develop the building in height to increase the surface of facade facing south. A concentrated building volume prevented the creation of a visual barrier between the zaihsan hill monument and the pedestrian area in front of the statue of buddha, the two most important pre-existing monuments in that area.

The public functions are placed on the square in front of the tower with several commercial spaces, shops, bars, etc.. In support of the residential areas a wide range of facilities have been incorporated, including a child care centre & baby sitting and a fitness, swimming pool & spa centre, for an exclusive use of the residents with outdoor spaces and terraces.

On the two top floors of the tower are allocated a restaurant, wine bar and belvedere on the city.

feasability studies

Ulaanbaatar, 2011