Amplifon S.p.A./Ripamonti

Ph: Leo Torri Amplifon S.p.A. Ripamonti workplace The redevelopment project for Amplifon Headquarters in Via Ripamonti, in Milan, began in 2016, with the original aim of designing a pilot office space for the company. The project was then extended to the entire building and completed in 2021. The work involved the building’s exterior too, affecting […]

Amplifon Italia/Symbiosis

Ph: Fausto Mazza Amplifon Italia Symbiosis workplace The brief given to 967arch, the architects behind the Amplifon Spa HQ refurbishment project, was to create aesthetic and functional continuity between the headquarters and the new site, located in a new building in the Symbiosis urban regeneration area in Milan’s Scalo Romana district. While respecting the constraints […]

WPP/Torre C

Ph: Andrea Martiradonna WPP Torre C workplace The refurbishment of Torre C in the complex forms part of the project to redevelop the former Richard Ginori area in Milan, the site of the new WPP Campus designed by 967arch. The architectural project for the tower, which is in close relation to Building 18, involved the […]

Comune di Pietrasanta/ Museo dei bozzetti

Comune di Pietrasanta Museo dei bozzetti museum The feasibility study has had the main objective of verifying the potential for enhancement complex of S. Agostino together with the annexed buildings, through a forecast of use with integrated functions, exhibition, study, service to citizenship and aggregation that returns a homogeneous order between the activities planned, in […]

Cisco/ CyberSecurity Innovation Center

Cisco CyberSecurity Co – Innovation Center workplace A space dedicated to the storytelling of cybersecurity in the house of science and technology, where the past is told through physical defense systems and the future through virtual defense systems, whose material implications can be vital. The vocation of space: a museum, a gallery, a complete experience, […]

Campari Group/ Headquarters

Ph: Fausto Mazza Campari Group Headquarters workplace The interior design and layout project concern some areas of the Campari Group HQ in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan. Informal meetings, innovation areas, phone booths, chat rooms, alternate with the traditional operating spaces in the open space and with the existing support areas. The different environments become the […]

F.C. Internazionale/ New Headquarters

F.C. Internazionale New Headquarters beauty contest This is what we need to know about FC Internazionale Milano: who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in and what you look like. An architecture project at the service of the corporate identity. We have conceived a series of spaces as a complete emotional experience, to be […]

Google Italia/ Headquarters

Google Italia Headquarters workplace The building is located in a brand new development area of the city. This is a 11 storey tower, mostly occupied by Google. The project has the typical flavour of world famous Google offices but as well a strong local identity, made unique by a theme that highlight the italian excellences.Every […]

Amplifon S.P.A./ Eat&Meet

Ph: Fausto Mazza Amplifon S.p.A. Eat&Meet restaurant Together with the look and feel of the offices, the inspiring slogan of the project “light + open + collaborative + colored + technological” has also been extended to the new corporate restaurant called Eat&Meet where the company’s DNA is expressed through a multifunctional concept of space aimed […]

Amplifon S.P.A./ Headquarters

Amplifon S.p.A. Headquarters workplace The Amplifon HQ based in Milan occupy a building complex built in the ‘90s, with a total area of about 8.000 sqm for about 320 people. The building had an uneven internal occupation and, in some areas, was overcrowded with obsolete partition systems, facilities and furnishings. The claim for the project […]