Ph: Fausto Mazza

Amplifon Italia



The brief given to 967arch, the architects behind the Amplifon Spa HQ refurbishment project, was to create aesthetic and functional continuity between the headquarters and the new site, located in a new building in the Symbiosis urban regeneration area in Milan’s Scalo Romana district.

While respecting the constraints imposed by a number of pre-existing factors, 967arch’s project succeeds in this aim, introducing stylistically similar solutions where identical design choices were out of question.

The organisational layout too follows the scheme developed for the HQ project: open-plan workstations, support areas including copy zones, informal areas, boardrooms, training spaces, break areas and generous kitchenettes for meals, plus a terrace overlooking the inner courtyard for personal regeneration and socialisation.

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interior design

Milan, 2022