CyberSecurity Co - Innovation Center


A space dedicated to the storytelling of cybersecurity in the house of science and technology, where the past is told through physical defense systems and the future through virtual defense systems, whose material implications can be vital.

The vocation of space: a museum, a gallery, a complete experience, has led us to think of a light, an internal installation that is independent of the building fabric but determines the flows and stopping points.

At the entrance a welcome filter, in which the guest can already perceive the technology and the contents of the space. A first staging area where communication activities complement those of socialization and refreshment.

The itinerary then continues in the spaces that are revealed in succession where one will be accompanied by an immersion of impulses, information, experiences, by a highly qualified personnel who will indicate the most appropriate technologies and protocols for each operational case study.

The presence of 4 glazed cubes of about 20 square meters each, a box in the box, offers the possibility of personalized meetings and business meetings, with all the cisco technology at the service of clients.

The contents, the true heart of the space, make unique an experience that due to its location, suggestions, history, and future has no equal in the world.

concept design
site direction and supervision

Museo della scienza e della tecnica - Milan, 2020