F.C. Internazionale/ Locker room

F.C. Internazionale Locker room locker room The new facility represented by a modern build, a big screen and tactics board, as well as a gallery of inter icons guiding players into the heart of the locker room. On the walls, there are the names of the players who made history wearing the inter shirt, inspiring […]

Cisco/ Torri Bianche Headquarters

Cisco Torri Bianche Headquarters workplace The new HQ of Cisco Photonics, which has an area of about 5.600 sqm spread over 4 levels, is located in Vimercate adjacent to the nearby centro direzionale Torri Bianche. The project is developed according to the basic concept of subdividing the spaces into two macro areas, the technical one […]

Kantar/ Headquarters

Kantar Headquarters workplace The building, which hosts the new kantar offices is laid out on 6 floors of about 6.000 sqm. The internal distribution of the spaces follows the morphological constraints of the building’s architecture characterized by ceiling-mounted systems with a dual circulation, that accommodates the support areas in the central portion of the building, […]

F.C. Internazionale/ Headquarters

F.C. Internazionale Headquarters workplace We have conceived a series of spaces as a complete emotional experience, to be daily loved, lived, and followed. The new office lets people dive completely in “inter” atmosphere, in the tradition of elegance and in the soul of international comunication. This is the first poetic expression of the company, the […]

Cisco/ Demo Floor

Cisco Demo Floor workplace The refurbishment of the Cisco systems demo dedicated floor in the Vimercate HQ. An area of approximately 600 sqm situated at the second floor of the Acero building designed to showcase to clients all Cisco equipment and technologies. Cisco guests are greeted in the welcome square space which is also suitable […]

Torre SGR/ Palazzo Bertoni

Torre SGR Palazzo Bertoni residential Palazzo Bertoni is a building in milan, close to the historical charm of Brera district and San Marco, built in the bustling Milan of the late 1930s, of which it maintained the monumental entrance typical of the rationalist architecture of the period. The project to convert the building into a […]

GroupM/ Headquarters

Groupm Headquarters workplace The building that hosts the new headquarters of groupm and wpp media agencies is spread over 6 floors on a surface of approximately 9.000 sqm. The various agencies of the media group are placed on different levels to preserve their personal corporate identity. They have been distributed according to a very precise […]

American Express/ Offices

American Express Offices workplace The historical offices of American Express in Rome have gone through a deep renovation plan that led to a reconfiguration of both the activities and of the location itself. All services related to standard credit card’s owners are fitted on the large ground floor area, with direct access from Piazza di […]

Advent International/ Offices

Advent International Offices workplace Taste, elegance, confidentiality, credibility: these are the reference values expressed in the new milanese offices of an important international finance company, and which reflect the company’s solid image projected to the future. The offices are located in a historical building in the heart of Milan, in the world-famous fashion district and […]