Davide Groppi/ Folder

Folder Davide Groppi wall lamp The folder is a wall lamp made with a simple folded sheet of metal with a dimmable LED light source. The light source remains invisible while the light comes out soft from the metal diffuser, creating a soft and delicate atmosphere. The constructive simplicity and the clean image allow easy […]

Dieffebi/ Primo Acoustic

Primo Acoustic Dieffebi Soundproofing Cabinet Primo Acoustic arises from our wish to improve the comfort and wellbeing of those working in or visiting crowded noisy environments. They are accessorized with sound-absorbing doors that will reduce noise considerably while offering a sophisticated original furnishing solution for the work-place. Use of laser technology reduces the metal frame to […]

Davide Groppi/ Foil

Davide Groppi Fois wall and ceiling lamp Foil was born as a minimal sign in architecture. A two-dimensional sign that becomes a technical product. the idea was born in the philosophy of the producer and designer davide groppi to make the lighting product almost invisible and make this research the protagonist of space, more with […]

Dieffebi/ Chiave di Volta

Chiave di Volta Dieffebi modular book case Versatile modular solution, Chiave di Volta is designed to provide a simple yet highly functional book storage system. The hint of a curve not only gives the structure an attractive lightweight look but encapsulates the underlying design idea as well as its purpose: the books lean neatly back […]

Poltrona Frau/ Lullaby Due

Lullaby Due Poltrona Frau Free-rolling Bad Lullaby is a free-rolling bed, to locate as you please, thanks to its rotating round base. Luigi Massoni’s original design, back in 1968, was retrieved and revised with contemporary features to restore the freedom of that period but suit it to today’s bedroom, which tends to keep an increasing […]

Kantar/ Headquarters

6.000 mq 330 pax 8 areas Kantar Headquarters Space Planning The building, which hosts the new kantar office, has some wpp media research and consulting companies, spread over 6 floors of about 6,000 square meters.The project envisaged the division of spaces at various levels for the various agencies of the group, a large portion for […]

Bosch Italia/ Milan Headquarters

6.000 mq 347 pax 5 areas Bosch Italia Milano Headquarters Space Planning The architectural intervention carried out for the milanese headquarters of the robert bosch spa company has expected a restyling of a large part of the existing building.Thinking back to the new needs deriving from the lack of spaces for teamwork and new ways […]