Dieffebi/ Benci

Dieffebi Benci bench The interpretation of a minimal seat and the elegance of a recognizable symbol: light and strong at the same time. Benci, Dieffebi’s bench, made out of metal sheet expresses the Venetian’s manufacturing, in a design conceived to fit into private residences but also into museums, gardens, waiting rooms, showrooms, and public spaces […]

Las mobili/ Fil rouge

Las Mobili Fil rouge office tables and cabinets Fil rouge is a system of tables and containers for offices designed to interpret in a fluid way a semi-directional and operational space: from the single workstation to the double and quadruple workstations with relative personal storage and filing cabinets, up to the tables for sharing and […]

Dieffebi/ Primo Tex

Dieffebi Primo Tex cabinet Primo Tex represents the union between two worlds: Dieffebi’s use of metal, a characteristic found in their products and offices which conveys high performance and durability, and Finsa’s wood, a Fibracolour panel with a warmer, matte, and slightly irregular texture material. The effect we wanted to create was to juxtapose the […]

Dieffebi/ T-share

Dieffebi T-share table The table bases can be united or separated and they accentuate the compositional freedom of a sculptural furniture piece that becomes the silent protagonist of the environment. A curtain that opens and closes in dialogue with multiple domestic scenarios.  The monochromatic finishes exude energy from the reflections of the sinuous curves, generating […]

Dieffebi/ Echo Lockers

Dieffebi Echo Lockers locker The Echo Lockers containers retake the dieffebi concept of the modular container but interrpret it with unprededented modes and functions that allow not only to overcome a traditional and anonymous “filling cabinet effect”, but also to integrate this piece of furnitur in the most diverse situations of use and setting: from […]

DND/ Blend

DND Blend handle Blend is an handle based on the urge to combine basic forms, a cylinder and a rectangle, in pursuit of an overall balance and above all an immediate perceptive impact. Working on contrasts and simplicity is always a difficult challenge  when it is transferred to product design even more so when the […]

Aldabra/ Tree-angle

Aldabra Tree-angle outdoor lamp Tree-angle is an outdoor lamp born from the desire to combine Aldabra’s resin-based technologies with the use of cotto d’este’s kerlite material, for a product that would maintain the elegance and materiality of the covering, combined with the technological aspect. From this combination comes a product for lighting driveways, public areas, […]

MDF Italia/ 20.Venti Home

MDF Italia 20.Venti Home desk Compact, versatile, elegant: 20.Venti Home, the home version of the namesake system by 967arch, born two years ago to meet the new needs of working spaces, reinterprets in a contemporary key the desk of the past. 20.Venti Home perfectly expresses the present trend to dynamic and shared job. A job […]

MDF Italia/ 20.Venti

MDF Italia 20.Venti desk system 20.Venti is all about a new office system with a linear and identifying design, typical of mdf italia’s dna. It has been designed to recreate a contemporary atmosphere of the workstation, in which the contrast between full and empty spaces and the careful combination of different finishes and the integration […]

GE Giussani/ H67

GE Giussani H67 vertical partition system H67 is a system of full-height movable partitions for the division of interiors made of aluminum profiles. The peculiarity of the system is the integration between the lower profile of the wall with the skirting that continues on the walls in masonry or plasterboard. The profile is characterized by […]