6.000 mq

330 pax

8 areas



Space Planning

The building, which hosts the new kantar office, has some wpp media research and consulting companies, spread over 6 floors of about 6,000 square meters.
The project envisaged the division of spaces at various levels for the various agencies of the group, a large portion for the inclusion of the focus rooms (rooms dedicated to market tests) and a communal lounge area on the ground floor for recreational activities as well as the common reception and the spaces dedicated to the services.
The internal distribution logic follows the morphological constraints of building architecture characterized by ceiling-mounted systems, with a dual circulation that accommodates the support areas in the central portion of the building, favouring the operational processes and collaboration between the 300 employees.
The interior design project also incorporated the brand identity of the individual media agencies expressed through the use of wall graphics, custom and lounge furniture placed significant areas of the building, all in accordance to specific requests from the various agencies present.

site direction and supervision

Assago, 2011