Dieffebi/ Salone del mobile 2019

Dieffebi Salone del mobile 2019 fair stand A stand designed to represent Dieffebi’s vision in a series of connection and transaction between workplaces, houselike and hospitality environments. In this sense the title “crossover spaces” was given to the stand due to its architectural meaning interpreted as an interior and as an exterior space. Open towards […]

Dieffebi/ Salone ufficio 2017

Dieffebi Salone ufficio 2017 fair stand On the occasion of the 2017 Salone Ufficio, Dieffebi presents dotbox, a system of containers and elements for storing and organizing work spaces that represent the workplace 3.0: office wellness. This concept is carried on throughout the fair stand with Dieffebi’s vision of the work environment as a place […]

Dieffebi/ Showroom

Dieffebi Showroom retail To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company, Dieffebi opens a new showroom in Brera Design District. With a size of 140 sqm the new showroom welcomes the guests in an informal and relaxing environment, where the vision of Dieffebi’s products are present throughout all the various thematic areas. At first two […]

REIDER/ Light and concrete at Triennale

REIDER Light and concrete at Triennale pavillion Rieder in association with Davide Groppi and 967arch, presents the new [fibre c]. Material and light meet to create new design expressions as the result of tailoring and technology research that combines three large architectural and design realities. Light and darkness, full and empty, order and chaos blend […]