Fim & Coro

Design Week 2024


967arch signs the project for setting up Fim and Coro, companies for which the studio has recently been appointed Art Director, at the historically rich premises of the Biblioteca Umanistica dell’Incoronata.
The outdoor scenarios that will shape the project will be set up with some of the best-selling products of the companies and will come to life starting from the public spaces in front of the Biblioteca dell’Incoronata, a place of history and city culture. Here, an open-air lounge, furnished with sofas and some umbrellas, will welcome the public.
The setup of Fim and Coro is not just an exhibition of their collections, but an opportunity to discover, linger, and relax within a historically unknown place in the city, even to Milanese. An experience that, in addition to demonstrating how outdoor spaces can become comfortable and elegant living environments, transforms into a journey of discovery between contemporary aesthetics and historical contexts.

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Milan, 2024