Amplifon S.p.A./Ripamonti

Ph: Leo Torri Amplifon S.p.A. Ripamonti workplace The redevelopment project for Amplifon Headquarters in Via Ripamonti, in Milan, began in 2016, with the original aim of designing a pilot office space for the company. The project was then extended to the entire building and completed in 2021. The work involved the building’s exterior too, affecting […]

Amplifon Italia/Symbiosis

Ph: Fausto Mazza Amplifon Italia Symbiosis workplace The brief given to 967arch, the architects behind the Amplifon Spa HQ refurbishment project, was to create aesthetic and functional continuity between the headquarters and the new site, located in a new building in the Symbiosis urban regeneration area in Milan’s Scalo Romana district. While respecting the constraints […]

WPP/Torre C

Ph: Andrea Martiradonna WPP Torre C workplace The refurbishment of Torre C in the complex forms part of the project to redevelop the former Richard Ginori area in Milan, the site of the new WPP Campus designed by 967arch. The architectural project for the tower, which is in close relation to Building 18, involved the […]

True Design/ Fold

True Design Fold Sofa A sofa with two faces: the soft one for the seat and the architectural one for the backrest and armrests. Raised from the floor thanks to a tubular metal base with shaped legs, its wooden body appears even more solid and light despite its consistency. Like a sheet of paper, the […]

WPP/ Campus Milano

27.000 mq 2000 pax 8 areas WPP WPP Campus Milano Space Planning The site is part of an existing complex of light industrial and commercial buildings and occupies the historic site of a well-known ceramics producer – Società Ceramica Richard Ginori. Between 1996 and 1998 buildings to the north east of the complex were refurbished […]

Saba/ Teatro Magico

Saba Teatro Magico table Winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2022 The table bases can be united or separated and they accentuate the compositional freedom of a sculptural furniture piece that becomes the silent protagonist of the environment. A curtain that opens and closes in dialogue with multiple domestic scenarios. The monochromatic finishes exude energy […]

Saba/ Alphabet

Saba Alphabet table A desk with rounded lines, able to fit into environments with personality and ligthess. Created for the domestic environment it is also well suited to the most sophisticated demands in the field of hospitality and contract. The varnished iron structure that unrolls like a ribbon, the curved top in lacquered wood and […]

Dieffebi/ Primo Air

Dieffebi Primo Air cabinet The Primo Air project introduces new design possibilities to the dieffebi product family.A transversal product that fits perfectly into both executive and residential spaces.  The reduced depth, from 450 mm to 350 mm, the base unit of sideboard inspiration and the transparent doors, which can be combined with wood or metal […]

UNIQ-Ǝ/ Fior di loto

UNIQ-Ǝ Fior di loto faucetSelected for ADI design index 2022 The project for a new faucet concept is among the most difficult design challenges. The 3D technology has facilitated the research and proposition of a new water supply concept which conquers the traditional limitations dictated by the existing technology. The objective was to obtain a […]

9010/ Note light

9010 Note light wall lamp Note is storytelling. The narration of a story told through blank pages that become light. A symbolic object where imaginary stories and tales can be written. The body of the lamp in cristaly makes it possible to have two thin overlapping sheets, with a light source in the centre that […]