Zumtobel/ Beaklight

Zumtobel Zumtobel Beaklight task light Beaklight formally summarizes the synthesis between aesthetics and function, in the search for complete form even when the luminaire is closed. The friction joint allows you to continuously adjust the position of the arm until it closes, reducing the overall dimensions to a minimum. The light source consists of multiple […]

9010/ Note light

9010 Note light wall lamp Note is storytelling. The narration of a story told through blank pages that become light. A symbolic object where imaginary stories and tales can be written. The body of the lamp in cristaly makes it possible to have two thin overlapping sheets, with a light source in the centre that […]

Aldabra/ Tree-angle

Aldabra Tree-angle outdoor lamp Tree-angle is an outdoor lamp born from the desire to combine Aldabra’s resin-based technologies with the use of cotto d’este’s kerlite material, for a product that would maintain the elegance and materiality of the covering, combined with the technological aspect. From this combination comes a product for lighting driveways, public areas, […]

Davide Groppi/ Folder

Folder Davide Groppi wall lamp Folder is a wall lamp made with a simple folded sheet of metal with a dimmable LED light source.    The light source remains invisible while the light comes out soft from the metal diffuser, creating a soft and delicate atmosphere.    The constructive simplicity and the clean image allows […]

Davide Groppi/ Foil

Davide Groppi Fois wall and ceiling lamp Foil was born as a minimal sign in architecture. A two-dimensional sign that becomes a technical product. the idea was born in the philosophy of the producer and designer davide groppi to make the lighting product almost invisible and make this research the protagonist of space, more with […]