22.963 mq

1970 pax

6 areas

Gruppo Bancario Iccrea


Space Planning

in anticipation of the merger of the iccrea banking group, the client’s request aims to return a new look to the building by opting for a reintepretation of the existing roman headquarters aimed at hosting its own clients, employees and numerous consultants. the consistent influx of people that gravitates and populates the building throughout the day determines the need for a reconfigurable space.  hence the choice to create flexible environments, where the single person traveling and coming from other locations can find the opportunity to work even without an assigned workstation. the study and the application of the new working methods together with a vision of proximity and collaboration determined the design approach. here the support areas begin to interrupt the tight sequencing of standard workstations, drawing and obtaining collaborative, brainstorming, focus & informal areas: spaces in which to work and collaborate, sitting at a stand up meeting or picked up in soundproofed areas for calls or to do individual work. all without giving up environments in which the client is welcomed and enunciate: take a seat, welcome!

site direction and supervision

Milan, 2018