Salone del mobile 2024

Fair stand

The setup of the Saba booth for the 2024 Salon is a project in continuity with the new corporate showroom, also designed by 967arch in collaboration with the company, and both are in harmony with the clear and established identity of the brand.
It was therefore desired to propose a path that would blend architectural codes with the atmospheres of previous setups and provide a complete narrative of the Saba world: a delicate balance between the pursuit of soft forms and the need to define spaces, allowing a natural connection between environments and products.
The characterization of spaces is achieved through a balance between lightweight elements in dialogue with furnishings and architectural forms, and a continuity of finishes, materials, colors, textures, and craftsmanship that enhance every piece of the collections, from upholstered furniture to seating, from tables to new rugs.

concept design
on site service

Milan, 2024