Vodafone Gestioni S.p.A. / Vodafone Flagship Italia

The opening of Vodafone’s new Flagships throughout the country was developed after the award of the UMTS frequencies in Italy. 967, in 2002 and 2003, have been involved in the design and construction management of the shops in Cagliari, Genova, Bolzano, Catania, Milano Linate and Malpensa airports. It has also supported and completed the shops of Palermo, Venezia, Verona, Roma, Torino, Firenze, Napoli.

Rigid guidelines were provided by Vodafone Italia for the design phase. The timing for construction works was particularly restricted, normally 3 weeks for each flagship and management was often difficult due to geographic location of the shops.

The result has been achieved thanks to an integrated team of architects and engineers fully concentrated on the project in all its different phases. This managed to optimize the design phase and the work coordination, respecting the required timing in all locations.

Cagliari, Genova, Linate Airport, Malpensa Airport, Catania, Bolzano, Fiera Milano