Morgan Stanley / Turati 27_Milano

This premise, historically occupied by Campari, in the heart of Milano, is one of Morgan Stanley’s properties. The building required the removal of the asbestos and a massive renovation project in order to be repositioned on the real estate market, also given its strategic location.

The design’s intent was to maintain the existing steel structure which strongly characterizes the building, and to add a new facade made by both transparent and translucent glass panels in order to confer a more contemporary image to the building. The reception area, at street level, has been modernized as a luxury boutique, after Milano’s fashion district very close to the building’s area. Bright ceilings and clear stone floorings define the internal patio that lead to the three different wings of the building.

The building has already applied for a LEED protocol, thus to increase its value on the real estate market which is requiring sustainable buildings.