Comune di Nerviano
city hall


This Monastery was suppressed in 1798 by Napoleon and then listed as a building of significant historical and artistic value by the Heritage, already under the law of 1909.

The principle behind this project was of minimum intervention, even though necessary works of preservations and renovations of the monument were essential, always acting in respect of the past. In any case, design choices  have always been accepted.
Purchased by the Town Council (1970-1990), in these last twenty years the Monastery has suffered of many restorations projects, related only to partial areas, without a concrete intent of how to use the spaces. The recent decision of the Municipal Administration to transform the Monastery into the town hall with a library and a city hall, became the occasion for a conservative operation in those areas that had never been renovate and to give a function to those ones already made up.

project coordination
architectural project

Nerviano (mi)