Rothschild S.p.A.


The headquarter of one of the largest and oldest Global Financial Advisory organization of the world, is located right in the center of Milan, close to the Cathedral. The project’s aim was to divide the space in two different areas, one dedicated to the public with elegant and richer aesthetic solutions, the other more private, with an understatement choice of materials.
Through a large and welcoming reception area two separate and controlled entrances lead respectively to the private and to the public area. The two doors also helps managing the flow of accesses. Rothschild office area is irregularly shaped, two sides face the road, the other looks into an internal courtyard which gives light from a lovely green patio. This is where the manager’s office are placed. The operative workstations are located in a traditional open space with the availability to expand the storage thanks to a modular system.

architectural project
site supervision
interior fit out