Comune di Caselle Torinese
La porta del piemonte

master plan

Porta del Piemonte is a multifunctional center, close to the airport and linked to the small community of Caselle Torinese and the city of Turin. The master plan’s aim is to turn the area into an integrated and multifunctional part of the nearby landscape, infrastructure and architecture. The axis that links the hub to the railway, the airport and the small village of Caselle Torinese is emphasized by green areas. The modularity of the project ensures an economic sustainability and the possibility to be developed in different phases, without any interference with the existing environment. The prevalent function of the 150,000 square meters of the whole hub is commercial (retail park/luxury mall).  Other services and accommodation facilities will be developed in other lots. Great importance has been given to environmental sustainability. The development will be LEED certified thanks to wide surfaces of green roofs and the use of renewable energies generated on site (photovoltaic, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric energy).

The project was developed in collaboration with

Kevin Fazakerley – Atkins Ltd. London – UK

feasibility studio
concept design

Caselle Torinese (TO)