Petronas Lubricants
central office building


The redevelopment project for the first office building has been a precious opportunity to represent one of the most famous international brands in the automotive sector and the first step towards a global redevelopment of the existing complex.

The final result is a proposal for an iconic building, in which the company can be recognized in its “racing” vocation and its identity.

The pronounced lines chosen for the main fa├žade of the building, as well as giving a dynamic character, refer, as a quotation, to an architectural typology historically adopted for the filling stations, where overhangs, suspensions and diagonal lines are still frequently becoming elements of stylistic recognition.

the company’s position in the automotive sector, must also be perceived in the materials and finishes chosen for the building envelope, in continuity with what was conceived for the new R&T centre building. The contrast between matt finishes and chromed portions, the use of motoristic grids, the integration of technological and plant elements in the building envelope give the building a distinctive character and refers it to an atmosphere and a perception consistent with the corporate identity and the sector to which it belongs.

concept design

Santena (TO)