Rieder / Light and concrete at the Triennale


From Architecture to Design. Rieder in association with Davide Groppi and with the 967 Design project Presents the new [fibre C] application, last generation concrete skin material. Material and light meet to create new design expressions as the result of tailoring and technology research that combines three large architectural and design realities.
[fibre C] and light projects, undeniable celebrities of this extravagant display by Studio 967 Design, coexist in the same environment to express durability and contrast: white and black, light and dark, full and empty, male and female… Order and chaos blend in the Triennale garden to create a modern camp made up of the apParently random positioning of lighted chairs and geometric platforms, both made of [fibre C], that filter the central pavilion entrance.
The hallway leading to the internal room is made up of a series of curved, shaped and decorated panels that emphasize [fibre C] craftsmanship.
Inside the pavilion, a suspended and buoyant atmosphere will present the multiple variations and applications of the material in its simplicity and concreteness as both an architectural project and as furnishing elements.
The light project, by Davide Groppi, is designed to create different forms of day and night expressions. At sunset, the Indiebar chairs light to create a soft play on shadows.
Form simplicity, attentive details and decorative designs. Whether light, cement or project, the knowing balance of tailoring research that combines manufacturer and designer philosophies dominates, creating a different perception at day and at night when the charm of a poetic atmosphere ex­pands


2007 - Fuorisalone Milano