Eurasia / Eurasia Building_Moscow

The Eurasia Tower is located in the heart of the budding city of Moscow. This is a 50 storey skyscraper that shapes the Moscow’s skyline. In this context, the property’s request to 967 architects, was to design the internal spaces following the Italian taste of a high level fashion boutique. A taste for which the “nouveau riche”  Russians have a special attraction.

The building consists of a two floors platform containing a gallery with luxury boutiques, a food court and the tower’s main reception area. The tower is split into offices and apartments. The offices can host tenants with space occupancy similar to an international company. The rectangular and rounded shape of the building allows to locating  the manager’s offices along the short side and locating open spaces on the other side. Services and any other support area are placed along the core of the building.

Moscow, Russia