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The international Swedish telephone company is going to occupy ¾ of a building in a new office development located in the area of Pegli, Genova. The first request from the client was that to establish how much space the company needed to occupy, according to Ericsson’s space planning’s standards. For this reason a study of the building was needed in order to assess its efficiency and propose a number of changes in order to obtain a more usable and flexible building. The space was modified into a more modular one, the core and sanitary services were moved in a more efficient location and mechanical and electrical system schemes were developed not to impact negatively on the new layout.

From the test fit it has been possible to know the amount of space required by the company, including growth parameters and headcount forecasts.

Project developed in partnership with architect Lucilla Magliulo and J & A Consultants.

Services provided by 967: project reviews, space demand analysis, space offer match, test fit, block layouts, stacking plans, value engineering.

Project review, Space demand analysis, Space offer match, Test fit, Block layouts, Stacking plans, Value engineering