Petronas Lubricants
new r&t centre


Petronas is an international oil company operating in the lubricants sector. Recently the group has decided to expand and put together their research activities into a new building. The new complex is located in a plot of land of 80,000 smq, in the municipality of Santena by Turin, close to the current Petronas’ production plant. The building complex covers a total area of 17,000 sqm, and consists of two interconnected buildings, one with a prevalence of office activities, the other with a prevalence of industrial activities. The surrounding landscape is characterized by a pattern of cultivated fields and visible from the sky. The project seeks to replicate this natural drawing in an innovative way. The façade wraps the building as a colored sheet and follows the axis of the field’s drawings, shaping the form. The design’s aim is to create a architectural proposal with a very low impact, in harmony with the surrounding context that is primarily of agriculture crops. The project was developed in collaboration with Broadway Malyan Ltd. – UK

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Santena (TO)