Sipa / Canapina_Perugia

Canapina is the area located at the foot of Perugia’s ancient city walls. This area is earmarked for the construction of an administrative center, a car park, service facilities and the new urban park dedicated to the historical walls. The design concept was initially conceived by Italo Rota and then developed by the team Arup/967/Broadway Malyan. The energy-efficient façade follows the BREEAM protocol in terms of sustainability. The double external skin is combined internally with active chilled beams in order to obtain an integrated heating and air conditioning system, with photovoltaic panels externally integrated in the facade.

Flexibility, modularity and re-configurability are the focal points of the design of the interior spaces. Vertical and horizontal connections have been simplified.

Although this building is clearly in contrast with the surrounding old town, the use of inherent materials, glass and concrete, wood and stone, paths and greens tend to balance this development impact. This distinctive complex wants to be a focal point for a city that searches both culture and technology.

The project was developed in collaboration with Arup Italia and Broadway Malyan Ltd. – UK.