MDF Italia


desk system

20.Venti is all about a new office system with a linear and identifying design, typical of mdf italia’s dna.

It has been designed to recreate a contemporary atmosphere of the workstation, in which the contrast between full and empty spaces and the careful combination of different finishes and the integration of the wiring in the supporting structure defines a new proposal for office furniture.

The technical challenge starts from the use of a slender structure, a 20 x 20 profile that generates the frame, a sign that integrates perfectly. The 20.Venti collection includes a wide range of integrable screens and accessories.

An iconic system that renounces unidentifiable stylistic solutions but in which importance is given both to design and functionality, always in an essential and minimal style. designed also to offer a wide variety of sizes and finishes that can be used both for operational area and for executive office as well as for residential contexts, where the use of tables for nomadic and technological ork is increasingly widespread.

concept design
project development