Blend is an handle based on the urge to combine basic forms, a cylinder and a rectangle, in pursuit of an overall balance and above all an immediate perceptive impact. Working on contrasts and simplicity is always a difficult challenge  when it is transferred to product design even more so when the productis a handle, for which the stylistic refinement of the form has already been endlessly approached.

The details of the cilynder are intentionally angular, to obtain a more technical look, while the rectangular plate represents an appeal to the forms of memory, when such parts were used to give a strong image to doors.

This device makes it possible to get away from the standard classification of “round” and “square” handles, without suggesting formal eclecticism as an end in itself. The final objective, in fact, is the combination between handle and door, i.e. an overall intertpretation of the project: a combination where both partscan contribute to achieve immediate recognition.

Besides the traditional finishes, the handle comes in white enamel, a contemporary reinterpretation of porcelain handles, and in an anodized anthracite version for a more technical and materic look.

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