With the Alphabet desk, Saba talks about the interpretation of the table, a piece of furniture that was created for the home environment but which is well suited to the most sought after requests in the field of hospitality.

A reserved corner, sometimes private, with a retro flavor but more and more current. In the stylistic codes of the brand, a proposal with rounded lines and the search for finishes is presented, in harmony with the other products in the catalog and a new actor on the domestic scene and beyond.

The painted iron structure, the lacquered wood top and the details to support the technology are interpreted with simple but identifying signs. A small “secretary” cabinet completes the furniture while retaining a retro flavor re-proposed in a contemporary key with elegance and simplicity.

The attention to detail embellishes an essential design.

Another letter in the company’s alphabet, to tell new stories and emotions yet to be written.

project development