Fior di loto

Selected for ADI design index 2022

The project for a new faucet concept is among the most difficult design challenges. The 3D technology has facilitated the research and proposition of a new water supply concept which conquers the traditional limitations dictated by the existing technology.

The objective was to obtain a simple and legible shape, and astound viewers from the surprise of its functional purpose, enhancing the unique and essential technology of the project. The summary of this research is a broken pipe which becomes a generating force. Simplicity, surprise, innovation and poetry have all been the fundamentals that has characterized our proposal for UNIQ-Ǝ!

The design originated from the formal research of expressive simplicity, inspired by the basic element which carries water: a simple tube that turns into an object and therefore into a small sculpture. The alliance and the perfect contraposition between a technical element and a geometrical one in addition to natural elements, are the formal result of our research.