Demo Floor


The refurbishment of the Cisco systems demo dedicated floor in the Vimercate HQ.

An area of approximately 600 sqm situated at the second floor of the Acero building designed to showcase to clients all Cisco equipment and technologies.

Cisco guests are greeted in the welcome square space which is also suitable for socializing on the large communal table or exchange a more private conversation in the alcove seat and bench seating.

The floor comprises of a series of differently sized meeting rooms all equipped with the wide spectrum of Cisco video equipment.

Included in the floor layout also a multifunctional “devnet” innovation room where development is encouraged through training or more informal lounge seating. Particular attention was payed to the choice of both standard, unconventional and custom furniture in order to aid the required configurations: training, lounging and brainstorming. A great attention to detail was payed to materials and finishes, spanning from writable storage walls to acoustic treatments as well as custom designed fabrics.

Throughout the floor materials, colours and finished all selected to highlight and reflect the new brand guidelines giving the space a balanced mix of technological and handcrafted finishes.

interior fit out
site direction and supervision

Vimercate, 2016