MDF Italia

20.Venti light


The 20.Venti light collection was born from the simplification of the 20.venti system to respond to the market’s various demands: a simple solution, with an intelligent design, that guarantees ease and accessibility of use.

20.Venti light is a workstation designed to be more flexible: the double workstations, available in different sizes, can be combined to create different configurations.

Adding accessories, such as sound-absorbing screens, top access, cable guides, and colored sides, it is possible to enhance the workstation and better organize the spaces, consequently reducing distractions and increasing productivity. Characterized by an essential aesthetic, designed by an aluminum profile of 20x20mm, 20.venti light is a desk solution that fits the most modern offices.

Designed by 967arch for MDF Italia, it is available in three color variants: white, light gray, or black. In combination with accessories and bookcases from the mdf italia collection, it allows you to create a welcoming and functional office, characterized by aesthetic values and quality of materials.

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